Beauty and the Beast breaks box office records.

On Sunday, it was estimated that Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, directed by Bill Condon, and starring Emma Watson as Belle, and Dan Stevens as The Beast, earned $170 million over its opening weekend domestically and another $180 million for its overseas opening for a total worldwide opening of $350 million.

When the Monday actuals came in, the grosses turned out to be even higher than originally estimated for both domestic and overseas.

The film, which cost $160 million to produce, actually ended up earning $174,750,616 over its domestic opening weekend, surpassing its Sunday estimate by $4.8 million. This gives the film the honor of being the biggest March opening weekend ever, as well as the biggest Spring opening weekend ever, and the sixth biggest opening weekend of all time.

Overseas, it was also underestimated, coming in at $182,275,977, beating the original estimate by $2.3 million. The total worldwide opening was $357,026,593, a full $7 million above the original Sunday estimate, making it the 13th biggest worldwide opening weekend of all time.

In the United States, it is playing on around 9,200 screens at 4,210 theaters. The opening weekend average was a scorching $41,508 per theater, and a sizzling $18,995 per screen.

On Friday, it grossed $63,777,443, which includes $16.3 million from preview showings starting on Thursday at 7:00 pm at around 3,300 theaters. The true Friday take comes out to $47,477,443.

On Saturday, the film grossed $62,706,808 (-1.68%), dropping less than 2 percent from its combined Thursday-Friday take. Over the true Friday gross, the film actually increased by 32 percent (+32.08%) on Saturday.

On Sunday, it grossed another $48,266,365 (-23.03%), dropping only 23 percent from its Saturday gross. The film had a much better Sunday hold than originally predicted which made up most of the difference between the Sunday estimates and the Monday actuals.

The Friday to weekend multiplier was a decent 2.74, when dividing the weekend by the Thursday-Friday combined gross.

When we take the Thursday night showings out of the equation, the Friday to total multiplier increases to a solid 3.34 by dividing the true Friday to Sunday gross of $158,450,616 by the true Friday gross of $47,477,443.

With this strong of a start, Beauty and the Beast should have little trouble breaking the $1 billion mark worldwide before the end of its run.

Over the weekdays it has held well too:

Monday gross: $13,531,723 (-71.96%)
Tuesday gross: $17,878,785 (+32.12%)
Wednesday gross: $11,538,802 (-35.46%)
Thursday gross: $10,905,961 (-5.48%)

Box Office for March 3-5, 2017

The final film in the Wolverine franchise, Logan, starring Hugh Jackman and Sir Patrick Stewart, made an even bigger splash than estimated, having the biggest opening weekend of 2017 so far and kicking off the Spring season with a bang. The actual figures came it at $88,411,916 from an ultrawde 4,071 theaters (a record for an R-rated movie), averaging $21,717 per venue, and beating its Sunday estimate ($85.3 million) by $3.1 million. This also makes it the biggest R-rated opening weekend for the month of March.

The film opened to another $159,032,421 overseas from 81 markets, for a total worldwide opening of $247,444,337, which makes it the second biggest worldwide opening for an R-rated movie after last year’s Deadpool earned $264,711,361 in its worldwide bow.

In second place was Jordan Peele’s satirical horror thriller Get Out, which had an astonishingly great hold for a film of its genre. The film earned $28,236,285 in its second weekend, dropping a mere 15% from last weekend and beating its Sunday estimate ($26.1 million) by $2.1 million. It averaged $9,611 from 2,938 theaters (expanding from 2,781 theaters). The 10 day gross has now reached $78,079,925, with the $100 million barrier to come crashing down sometime next weekend.

Opening in third place was the faith based drama The Shack starring Sam Worthington, Octavia Spencer and Tim McGraw. It earned $16,172,119 from 2,888 theaters for an average of $5,600 per venue.

The LEGO Batman Movie dropped 39% in its fourth weekend to rank at #4 with $11,702,364, bringing its 24-day gross to $148,684,165, with the $150 million barrier to come down sometime this week. Worldwide, it has grossed $259,400,183 so far.

John Wick: Chapter Two, starring Keanu Reeves, dropped 49% in the face of Logan to rank #5 with $4,804,238, bringing the 24-day gross to $82,945,210. Worldwide gross is now $145,425,757.

The youth adult drama Before I Fall suffered a dismal opening at #6, with $4,690,214, for an average of just $1,999 from 2,346 theaters.

At #7, Hidden Figures dropped 34% to $3,826,330, for a total gross so far of $158,766,769. The worldwide total is now $196,605,170.

#8 was The Great Wall, starring Matt Damon, which dropped 60% in its third weekend. It grossed $3,627,020 for a 17-day gross of $41,388,325 domestic, but has now grossed $320,877,650 worldwide.

Fifty Shades Darker ranked #9, dropping 54%, with $3,558,020 in its fourth weekend for a 24-day total of $109,985,335 domestic, and $357,051,813 worldwide.

La La Land rounded out the Top 10 at #10 with $2,986,489, falling 36% from last weekend, for a total gross so far of $145,695,851 domestically and a total of $397,293,556 worldwide.

Elsewhere at #13, Best Picture winner Moonlight had the biggest weekend of its run so far, with $2,300,940, after expanding to 1,564 theaters, for an average of $1,471. Total gross is now $25,153,321.

And suffering the biggest second weekend drop of all time was Collide, which lost more than half of its theaters, and dropped 89% to a mere $173,620 for an embarrassing average of $173 from 1,002 theaters.

Total business for all movies was $189,131,562, which was up 17% from the first weekend of March in 2016 when total business was $161,499,059.


Long time, no see.

It’s been a long time since I posted on this site. Normal uploads will likely resume this weekend. I will likely post the actual box office figures for the Top 20 films over the Labor Day frame when the 4-day actuals come out on Tuesday afternoon. Thanks for listening.